Farm to Table Request Service

Who Else Loves the Taste of Fresh Crunchy Vegetables in their Dishes?

One of the best gifts for any hotel, restaurant or cafe is to put freshly plucked vegetables on your plates. Your customers will love biting into a dish filled with beautifully cooked crisp and crunchy greens.

Here at Vegtical Green our farms are all about you, our clients. And we want to help you bring this freshness to your customers.

Some vegetables only grows in certain climate and mostly available in seasonal, our farm is able to produce vegetables in 365 days a year, ensuring you have the fresh leafy green dish serving your customer all year round.

We welcome your request for long term supply in bulk quantity for our farm produce. Please provide your request and your contact information in the form below, we shall get in touch with you soon.

If you have a specific vegetable you would like us to grow through vertical farming, do indicate through the form below.

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