Hydroponics Farm Singapore

Ice Plant Farming

At Vegtical Green Pte. Ltd. we specialise in vertical hydroponics technology within our farm. After all, with the latest development in hydroponic farming methodology, we can now easily control the temperature, humidity, and light intensity to artificially create sunlight, or a similar effect.

We uses LED light technology as it allows us to regulate the amount of "sunlight" and optimize the time for photosynthesis to help the plants grow quickly and healthily.

Combined with our specially formulated nutrient solution, our crops have access to sufficient sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients to produce a richer harvest in almost half the time.

The Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Results

At the end of the day, technology forms the main component of any successful vertical farm. After all, with proper scientific calculations, we can determine the exact amount of nutrient and light necessary to speed up a standard traditional harvest.

The yield results are therefore always predictable and within our farmer's control.

  • Larger harvest compared to traditional farming methods

  • No pesticide used as it is in a tight controlled environment

  • Optimized nutrient solution which keeps vegetable leaves fresh and crunchy

  • >90% water saving compare to traditional soil farming

  • Faster crop yield as solutions are nutrient-rich for maximum absorption

  • Space saving as crops are stacked vertically to grow in layers

A Growing Market Demand

As the need for fresh vegetable supply continue to grow in land scarce countries like Singapore, local government and authorities are increasingly supporting technological farms to meet the population demands. With the advent of new and reliable systems for commercial hydroponics, the next step is to ensure the farm's produce are certified according to the industry's standard. A feat, Vegtical Green is proud to announce.

Our Test Reports

Showing significant low concentration of heavy metals and nitrate of our leafy green produce