Crystalline Ice Plant

With its frosted appearance, and the tiny beads on its surface, not many would guess that this vegetable comes from the coastal regions of South Africa.

But beyond its beauty, the Crystalline Ice Plant (or Ice Plant for short) makes for a truly versatile and unique ingredient in many dishes and cuisines. It's a great substitute for other vegetables as it has a natural salty flavour (from the crystalline beads) and is both crunchy on the exterior and juicy on the interior.

Similar to a lettuce, the Ice Plant consists mainly of water, making it low in calories for those counting. But unlike the lettuce which doesn't have much nutritional value, the Ice Plant is rich in nutrition and minerals. Plus, it also contains high level of Myo-inositol, rarely found in other leafy green vegetables.

A Beautiful Vegetable in Any Dish

What makes this vegetable such a valuable ingredient is the glistening bladder cells on its leaves which creates the tiny dew droplets giving the plant its name. And because of its unique appearance, many upscale restaurants are charging premium prices by using it in their gourmet salad dishes or even just for culinary decorative purposes.


Growing Ice Plant in Singapore

As its name suggests, Ice Plant needs a specific cold and dry environment to grow. The humid climate we experience here in Singapore is not friendly for its cultivation.

This does pose a problem for local farmers using traditional farming methodology.

However, with hydroponics technology, Vegtical Green grows the plant in an indoor farm specially fitted with LED lighting and climate control system to simulate the optimum environment for the plant's growth.

Another benefit of using a hydroponic farm is we have a controlled soil-free environment. We don't use any form of pesticides making each freshly plucked leaf completely safe for consumption.

The Benefits

The Ice Plant is rich in minerals and nutrition. Below are some of the minerals you'll find in each leaf:

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin K

  • β-carotene

  • Potassium

  • Calcium

  • Magnesium

  • Myo-inisotol

Things to Consider

Moisture is a key consideration when transporting the vegetable.

You should never leave it expose to humid temperature or direct sunlight for long duration as it will cause the leaves to wilt. Affecting the quality and taste of it.

Hence, transporting and handling the plant is critical, when ensuring optimal quality.

That's why Vegtical Green grow our supply of Ice Plant right here in Singapore. Thanks to our vertical hydroponics technology, we can easily harvest these plants fresh daily.

Bringing you only the best quality crystalline ice plant for your satisfaction.