About Vegtical Green

What Happens When We Combine Engineering Systems to Traditional Farming Processes?

Ans: Fresh, Crunchy and Tasty Vegetables Grown in Singapore.

Vegtical Green's origins story is definitely not about a farmer who decided to embrace newer technology or trying out vertical hydroponics to change the landscape of his business.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

The founders never had a green thumb and didn't know anything about traditional farming, be it  ploughing, sowing, or harvesting. After all, their combined backgrounds were in the fields of engineering and retail food marketing.

A Strange Twist of Fate

Strangely, on an overseas trip, they had the opportunity to taste the ever unique crystalline ice plant. It was an instant knock out. Its unique appearance, texture and taste surprised and captivated them.

They were hooked.

They kept wanting more with every bite. Who knew such crisp freshness could be so addictive?

But Singapore's warm climate made it a challenge to grow this plant. Plus, long distance shipping wasn't a viable option as its quality would be affected.

Undeterred, they were determined to find a way to continue. That search led them to discovering Singapore's push for becoming an agriculture technology hub and the world of hydroponics - how it is changing the agricultural landscape around the region.

This was a perfect fit as hydroponics allowed they to leverage on their knowledge and expertise in engineering. Combined with their knowledge of retail food marketing and the technical support of an expert from an affiliated overseas indoor farm...

Vegtical Green Pte Ltd was born!

We've since come a long way.

That's why Vegtical Green's mission today is to continue to always supply fresh and crunchy vegetables for consumers and restaurants.

Made possible because of hydroponics and vertical farming technology.

What We Do

Harvest-Ready Produce

Our farms hold a variety of vegetable produce which we research and sell to direct consumer for individual consumption whenever they're ready for harvesting. Do drop us a message if you would like to request an order for yourself

Farm-To-Table Service

We provide the fresh vegetable direct to restaurant, café and hotel for long term quality supply. Cutting away middle man cost and only provide the freshest to your customer table. Our produce is harvest 365 days a year, so that you have the continuous supply to serve your customers.

Fresh Delivery

To ensure customers always receive crisp fresh vegetables when ordering from us, we also provide delivery services that we ensure the vegetables reach you in a shortest possible time when it leave our farm.