Indoor Vertical Farming Singapore

Here's how you can order crisp cut and crunchy vegetables from Singapore. All freshly grown locally, through a combination of hydroponic and vertical farming technology by Vegtical Green.

Our Farm

As technology continues to develop and improve, we've introduced them into our farming technology.

That's why we specialise in vertical farming. A technique great for both the environment and the final product you consume.

The Rise of Vertical Farming

It's no secret that land is scarce in Singapore. Yet, with a population of 5 million and growing, the demand for locally grown vegetable produce is ever increasing.

This introduces an entire new series of problems and issues for farmers relying strictly on traditional methods of farming that requires huge plot of land and a steady stream of manpower to match that volume.

Not the best scenario for a city-state country where manpower cost is always rising and there's hardly any available land left for agricultural industries.

Given the limitations, it's no surprise that vertical farming is the approach recommended for aspiring and experienced farmers.

As its name suggests, it combines hydroponic methods with vertical farming technology to maximise land space while increasing production output.

This works brilliantly as the plants are usually positioned vertically in a trough to provide them with the support and structure for growth. Thus with a combination of gravity and a pumping system, the nutrient-rich solution easily flows down to their roots system allowing for maximum absorption.

Unlike the traditional soil based farming, everything is scientifically calculated to provide the plants with only the right amount of nutrient and minerals, hence we are able to effectively control the heavy metal content in our crop which can cause serious health risk if the concentration is high.

With indoor hydroponic farming technology, our crops are grown without the use of pesticides. It is safe to consume for you and your beloved family.

And on the plus side for hydroponic farmers like us, because of the scientific approach, the plants are able to grow faster. Giving us a richer harvest while reducing water wastage.

Most importantly, with the land space saved and controlled environment farming, we can continue to introduce new and different varieties of vegetables not commonly seen in Singapore such as our prized Crystalline Ice Plant vegetable 365 days a year. Great for consumers who love to eat their vegetable crisp and fresh.

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Want to find out more about our hydroponic and vertical farming systems? Or if you would like to request a specific type of vegetable to be locally grown for your restaurant or cafe demand, our "Farm-to-Table" service might be just what you need.